In Winston’s new comedy special he covers losing his father, hospitals, grief, death, funeral arrangements, and so much more in this hilarious, yet powerful half hour. Watch all of Winston’s new special on YouTube now!

This weekly podcast takes a serious topic and approaches it with candor and reverence, death. This podcast about loss with co host Amber Hendrix is insightful, meaningful, and funny.

A weekly game show podcast hosted by Winston and featuring some of the funniest comedians around Virginia, and heck even sometimes the whole country!

About Winston Hodges

Winston Hodges is from a small town called Farmville (at least that is what he tells people, he is actually from a town so small he would know if you were from it!) in rural Virginia. He has spent his time working comedy clubs with his southern charm and edgy wit. His first time performing he won the competition at the Richmond Funny Bone’s Clash Of Comics, and he has never looked back. You can hear him discussing growing up in a Christian home and working with children who have special needs all while providing a fun and energetic take on all the things we want to say but never do! Come see him and let him keep you laughing and warm your heart!

Host battle podcast

Weekly podcast with DC comedians Winston Hodges and Chris Alan. Listen as they talk about life on the road, sport, pop culture and trending social media topics. 

The Comics and consoles Podcast

Stand up Comedy meets gaming and streaming! Every episode, comic Winston Hodges and streamer BarryWhite Hanson speak to a guest comic and streamer/content creator about gaming, comedy, life, and whats going on! 

Dead Dad Comedy Pod

Winston explores loss and grief in this wonderfully heartfelt podcast with his co-host, and fellow comedian, Amber Hendrix. The two connected over their shared experiences of losing a father suddenly from pancreatic cancer. The two have guests, speak with each other and explore the ideas of loss and grief. With a combined experience of comedic performance of 15 years between the two they do a great job of talking about serious issues and trying to find the light heartedness within the sadness. This podcast is a testament that the love for laughter and joy can help a person through their journey with grief. You can listen on apple podcasts as well as on Spotify. Be sure to subscribe to get notifications when new episodes are available.

Taking it weakly

This YouTube series stars Winston in his weekly show! With many local Richmond comics contributing to the writing this show stands out in the Richmond Virginia comedy community as one of the few online shows that can boast such an accomplishment. With a great variety of monologue jokes and set poeice sketches Taking it weakly is a fun way to laugh and blow off some steam and support a local comedy community.

The Winstmas Games

The Winstmas Games is the weekly game show podcast where Winston has some hilarious comics on for a series of rapid fire games. Games where he asks comics to make up a law, re make a movie or even have to give an eulogy for an opposing team member. Not to mention countless other games! Winston is giving out points for big laughs and taking points away for jokes that fall flat! In this game show Winston makes the rules, and if you can’t get him laughing you better believe he isnt going to award you any of the meaningful and definitely real points! Tune in for a bunch of laughs with all bets off in this wonderful comedy podcast! You can find this podcast on iTunes and Spotify and even live shows on Winston’s youtube page now!

And for non-video episodes don’t forget to subscribe to the Winstmas Games!

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